Oh my gosh you guys, when I say enrollment was a nightmare, understand that I mean nightmare!!!! Apparently I forgot how insane the process of choosing classes were, because I’ve done it at least 4 times before finally getting it right (at least I think it’s right.) Wait… Let me start at the beginning. The financial aide process or as I like to call it…. Hell, has been just that. Transcripts; for some reason I was not even in the computer at my old school but Fasfa is seeing that I did attend college there so I had to obtain a copy of transcripts. How do you obtain a copy of transcripts from a school that doesn’t have any record of your attendance? Lots and lots of angry emails and phone calls. After about eight five phone calls, approximately 300 emails, and a visit to my previous college, I finally obtained a copy of the transcripts needed. I sighed a huge sigh of relief only to receive an email moments later stating that the school still had yet to receive my tax documentation after reaching out to them and faxing it three times last week. After many frustrated emails (from both parties) the financial aid representative asked if I had been faxing it to a particular number. I heartedly replied, “No! I’ve been faxing it to the number you provided to me last week when we initially spoke about faxing them to you. Which number should I fax it to? Please be mindful that it cost me to fax these each time.” She then replied, “Well fax it to this number, and I’ll email you when I get it.” Well, as every adult knows, or should know, you can’t always win, sometimes you have to choose to just let things go and so I did. I’m stressed out, and can’t afford to add to it. This is the story of a 26 year old single mother of four, daughter, child, sister, aunt, girlfriend, cashier, and now student. My plate is full and isn’t going to get lighter anytime sooner. I say this not to whine but to encourage; understand that if you’re waiting for the “right” time to go to school, it may very well never come. Time is a friend to no one, and you never really know what you’re capable of until you push yourself. So don’t think of it as “I have a lot on my plate.” Instead, think “I am stronger than the mightiest of mountains.” Then kill it. Whatever you’re aiming for, kill the challenge and beat it. You are strong. You are brave. You are capable. You can and will accomplish anything. Good vibes make all the difference; stay positive and push through it. We will succeed 


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